Writing And Publishing

I have written a lot over the last year. More than the prior 3 years combined.

But I haven’t published much. I can’t get into the speculative reasons as to why that would be, only to say that I’ve been sort of reconsidering my schtick. Who do I even want to be?

It makes no sense to go faster when you have fundamental ennui.

In the last couple of years – I have moved from Portland to the Tri-Cities.  I’ve become…disillusioned with my role as a founder of a video company. I’ve segued my company and “wound it down” and so a lot has changed.  I’ve changed my relationship with my wife, and I see a radically different future.  I had to process what – exactly – that meant.

Now that I have something of a direction, it’s past time to publish.

The timing – for a lot of reasons – couldn’t be better for me.

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Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson is writing this blog. He's a startup veteran, having built a company called Simplifilm. This blog is about things that he's starting to - but may not actually - think yet. It publishes irregularly.
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