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The Push: October 2016

Each month, I post my goals publicly. I don’t promote this blog, so by saying it’s “public,” is somewhat of a misnomer. 

I entered 2016 a little burnt out (probably even depressed) from making a ton of preventable mistakes (see “failure series” for details, extrapolate to my personal life). Sometimes time simply has to pass, storms have to blow over. Wounds need to heal.

So I’ve been “watching the wheels” a little bit.

Now – more than ever -I want to go after something.

So this month’s theme is “The Push.” It’s a one time month where I’ll be focused and fierce (and probably somewhat bored, as huge amounts of effort do grind). I’m rested up for it, and I’m focused on behaviors, which I know will lead to great outcomes.

Why THE PUSH Will Work:

  • I have the gym habit.
  • Sales has always been simple for me.
  • I have the “wake up early” habit.
  • I’m not going to be screwed by a refund, so I can keep my clients in line.

What I need To Do (Cornerstone Habits)

  • Go to bed earlier (start winding down at 9:30 with a goal of 10:35 lights out).
  • Pull the coffee back to one press a day.
  • 15 Minutes of Stretching
  • 15 Minutes Jump Rope/Daily
  • Finish work by 6:pm.

Business Behaviors & Projects

  • Start prospecting again. We have 2,262 leads at Simplifilm, and most haven’t been reached in years. My experiment with Edgar proves they are viable. We have an 21 working days. We will make 35 phone attempts/day = 735 attempts. We’ll spend 90 minutes creating a SMART VIEW in for this stuff.
    • I will prospect each day from 1pm-2:30 pm, after I’ve eaten lunch, showered and written content and contracts.
  • Email: We will email our list (6,000) 4 times and offer inventory.
    • I will work on content each morning from 9-10:30am, excepting Mondays.
  • Create funnel & get email list & newsletter back running THIS WEEKEND.
    • This will take 10+/- hours as I’m about 1/3 done and the “hard part” is done.
  • Write and Deliver 2 Webinars: both on scripting.
  • Plumbing – from lead to has to work correctly, site has to make sense.

Business Goals (i.e. revenue).

I am focused on creating a company that doesn’t consume all of its resources and has a good reputation and relationships with everyone.

We have done less revenue than our norm because we came into this year with a $100,000 backlog of undelivered/delayed projects. Most of it was on us (ah, my ego SCREAMS at that). We had to clean that up before we could sell new work, and we were able to process about $25,000 a month more than we put out. That was expensive and difficult and hard.

And as I’ve said – I missed a month in Feb/March.

By the end of October, we will eliminate every (financial) legacy issue and we’ll be in integrity with all of our people. The Push is just a little more daily effort and daily discipline.

  • Contract 6 Projects at an average fee of $11,000 per project.
    • Collect $33,000 in revenue (2/3 on the first 4 + 1/3 on the second 2.)
    • This will require 24 appointments and 10 proposals (normally I choose to pitch about 40% of the people I meet with & we close 70%. This creates padding).
  • Complete 6 Projects & $52,000 in revenue (we sold one too cheaply to a loyal existing customer that’ll throw off our averages).
    • Income Due: $24,000.
  • Collect: Total: $57,000 in revenue at .40% margins or better ($22,800 ).
  • Close: $30,000 worth of legacy debt to close out the legacy issues that have dogged me all year.


Because Simplifilm was not delivering great work on demand, I stopped reaching out to my network. I lost the hustle habit.

A vicious cycle is vicious. It clobbers everything. It started in the fall of 2014, when we were late on a key project. My desire to sell was lessened, but we acquired a lot of leads.

I let my network erode, and it’s time to restore, renew and recover that. It will probably have an ancillary business effect. I’ll spend 10 hours during the month on network building for the long haul. I’m looking for high value referral sources.

Physical Results & Behaviors


  • Weigh in at under 250.
  • Run 2 mies at 10 min/mile and one mile in under 9 minutes.
  • Have Double Unders at least 1/3 of the time.
  • Have handstands on the wall by month’s end.


  • Hit the gym each morning by 5:30 x 5 days per week. No excuses, no sneak peak at the WOD. I was very consistent with going to the gym in September, and missed only 2 days scheduled.
  • Complete weeks 4-7 in Couch to 10k with my family.
  • Meal plan: follow daily.


Organize & formalize our family meetings and have them all 4 Sundays (rescheduling when Heather is out for Monday or whenever). (New Family Meeting Must be done shortly). Calendar the time they are spent there.

Have an upgraded dinner program.

Organize the garage (it’s been a mess since we moved)

Foundations & Projects

  • Create scorecard in Google docs for us to use as a company and personally.
    • Have it output to a public facing place.
  • Create Schedule.
  • Create Funnel


I’ve avoided business & Sales books over the last 2 years. Mainly because I’d read too many in the past. It was a heavy part of my diet. Now is a good month to catch up because they generally take less effort, and the ones below are highly regarded.

  1. The Art of Explanation – Lee Lefeveer
  2. X: The Experience when Business Meets Design: Solis
  3. SPIN SELLING: Neil Rackham
  4. Mastering the complex sale:
  5. Challenger Customer – Dixon Et Al
  7. Hug Your Haters: Jay Baer
  8. The Magic of Thinking Big – David J. Schwartz
  9. Pivot: Jenny Blake

I have fairly low expectations for reading this month, but I will see where it takes me. It’s certainly easy reading and that’ll be welcomed when I’ve been dealing with histories that are really difficult to slog through.


If I want to podcast or Blog or whatever, it has to be in unscheduled time this, and not in lieu of it. We have to be on pace with all of our objectives before we can really do this.


No drinking: I went without alcohol for a few months, and had some while watching the debate. It confirmed my belief that Alcohol isn’t For Me right now.

Not judging drinking, just something I can’t currently handle. That can be reevaluated.

No Video Games: Video Games are something that I’ve determined cannot continue to be a regular part of my life. Even games like WordsWithFriends erode margins and cause me to miss some more important goals and to get off track.

Schedule (Project #1)

At the core of everything here will be the schedule. Everything that’s going to be achieved will go on the recurring calendar and I’ll make sure that I do it. When an appointment legitimately overrides an existing commitment, I will be sure to reschedule the time I’m putting in.

There’s a functional maximum to doing things like working out. You can’t “speed up” some processes. Stuff like 2 a days have diminishing returns (and in some cases negative returns).

And there’s some things you have to have on the schedule to do them. Family time. Reading time. Fitness time. The challenge is to be in integrity with yourself. Everything here goes on a schedule.


  • Nothing will require more than 90 minutes/day, 4 days/week.
  • 30 minutes of padding between each event.
  • Mondays are the “big day” and the most scheduled day to set the week up right.
  • 60 minutes of family time each day, in addition to being a good example.

Scorecard: (Project #2)

I’ll have some type of scorecard to measure this stuff. I’ve used Google Docs before with aplomb and success, but I need to measure some habits and track them and publish them. I’ll have that done to my satisfaction shortly.

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