Reclaiming Content

Scott Monty has convinced me that there’s something rotten in Facebook.  Well, he didn’t convince me so much as remind me to do something about it.

It’s been a vague and gnawing unease for a while — a lot of things that I know I posted to Facebook I can’t access. I can’t look it up without going through a huge hassle and wrestling with the most distracting site that the Internet has ever created.

Plus, it’s beyond obvious that Facebook was only a longer-lasting version of AOL/ MySpace / LiveJournal…whatever.  It’s Beyond Obvious that it’ll be gone in a few years.

I’ll want that stuff, and so I’m adopting some rules to reclaim my content and creativity.

  1. 90% of content originates outside of Facebook on our channels.
  2. Anything over three sentences lives off of Facebook™ and may be recreated on Facebook but will always link back in either the post or first comment.
  3. There should always be “home” for all major content types: Personal, Business, Notes.  We control our “homes.”
  4. Social is a distribution channel, not the home of content.  We can leverage what it’s good at as long as we collect some portion of the content we create.
  5. Social can be a place were we discuss content; maintaining a comments section on our blogs could be silly.
  6. We will have an audience building tool on all of our channels. This can include Facebook stuff to the extent that they permit it, but we’re doing this for our purposes.
  7. Don’t debate memes; you can never win.

There are other things I think, but this will be an excellent place to start.

I started writing more on Facebook (and worse, too) because it was easy.  But putting stuff on Facebook is just throwing it into a drawer that someone else owns and hoping that you can find it later.  Enough of that.

Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson is writing this blog. He's a startup veteran, having built a company called Simplifilm. This blog is about things that he's starting to - but may not actually - think yet. It publishes irregularly.
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