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Happy 2017 instigators. Last year was a blur. So was 2014. But, the odd years have always been good to me. So it will be for 2017.

I am not a huge believer in yearly goals. Don’t get me wrong, direction is good, but a year is such a vast expanse of time that you can fritter away half of it and the urgency goes away.

I’ve had more success when I plan quarters instead. So I am planning a quarter. To be more specific, I’m planning a 12 week period of time.

“Winners build systems.”

1. I’ll sell, collect & deliver 16 Simplifilm projects.

This is 1.25 per week. This is about what I can do at any given time.

-2 low priced, -2 premium and 12 “normal” price.

To support this, I will need to have 36 proposals out there from people that sorta kinda want them.

I’ll have to generate 108 leads to make that work.

This will require me to prospect for 90 minutes every day, connecting with folks. I’ll double down and schedule another 60 minutes each day of focus Linked In time (7.5 hours of prospecting per week).

To further support it I will define all of our products and build sales pages that work for it (the sales pages are nearly built.).

To (finally) further support it I will send weekly emails to our prospects, inviting them to do business with us.

Total Time Commitment: 2.5 hours per day x 5 days a week x 12 weeks = 150 hours total.

This will generate roughly: $160,000 in gross revenue. Likely more with overage. My annual goal is a lot different than in years past. I’m getting the business to a sane scale for a solo founder.

2. I’ll lose 24 pounds of body fat.

My system will include:


Specifically, I will do the following on the diet:

Focus on the weekdays: M-F.

Weekends are a little less restrictive, but apart from Friday Nights, I’ll eat Clean. Friday I can sorta binge.

1-8 intermittent fast (17 hours a day, first meal at 1pm).
Eat Clean during the week. Cheat day from Friday/Saturday).

20-minute workout each morning (1-mile jog w/balance of time in an AMRAP of pushups air squats Burpees & situps).

3. I’ll pay $24,000 in debt.

This measure is about DEBT not my balance sheet. And my ego makes it hard to write this sentence. “But I have assets,” it limply states. Yes, like Trump does, all burdened with debt and risk.

The gist is that every dollar of debt represents risk to me, and I have to get rid of it all eventually. Why not start now? Burn it up. I want to keep the assets, lose the debt.

This debt is on the personal side. The business side has debt, too, but the focus of Q1 isn’t about that.

$24,000 is about how much consumer debt I have and it’s leftover from moving and being cash poor in 2016.

I’ll do this by:

  1. Setting up YNAB to get a true and accurate measure on the personal side.
  2. Using cash for “blow money,” and not transactions.
  3. Applying austerity to the first 6 weeks (now-Feb 15th).

The point is to be good stewards. I’ve made a decent salary most years, but I’ve never been respectful of my money.

12 Week Goals

I have other goals to keep and sustain. Being on a schedule during the week (4:30 wake up, 1pm gym time). I’m not focused on this – I’m not likely to falter at this point.

The Schedule:

My schedule will look like this:

04:3: Wake up, complete Miracle Morning routine. Of course, this includes coffee. This will include a 20-minute workout, coffee, journaling, writing current goals down.

05:30 Write for at least 1 hour, focused on current writing project (not blogging/marketing/scripts).

6:45: wake kids. Do some email administration & look at schedule. Light work here as we get the kids going. Kids will workout just like me.

(1st opportunity to read is here.)

8:30 take kids to school. (20 minute round trip, when snowing. Generally, they walk, but not in 9-degree weather).

9:00 AM – M/Th staff meeting till 10:00 am.
T-W-F: Prospecting till 11:30 am. | Available for meetings 11:30-12:30
10-11 M-Th: Prospect till 12:30 pm. | Available for meetings 12:30..when no meetings work on list work.

1-2:30 gym. Strength, Cardio, LISS depending on what day we’re in and what our goals are. Religion. Available for meetings from 2:30-5pm.

2:30-4pm marketing writing (emails, etc).

4 pm: done with official work, read for 1 hour most days.

That’s it. That’s where I’m at, and I’ll stick to it

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