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Publish Every Day

Wasting Energy

So much energy is wasted participating in the reactionary political stuff on Facebook and sometimes twitter.  The doses of outrage and provocation have gotten kind of out of hand lately, and instead of working things out on our own time we fight over tiny details with our friends and we learn little to nothing.

We have nothing to show for it but arguments on Facebook, a predatory platform (with its uses, I grant that) that doesn’t like or care about us, and isn’t set up for us.

It’s set up to create an endless conversation of clicks and stupid so it can extract attention and convert the attention into cash.  None of this is helpful to us over the long haul.  I know of people that I have nothing but fond memories of that I’d rather not talk to because they believe things that I don’t.  I see other people whose ugly sides have come out in the heat of battle, or whose wisdom doesn’t translate well to a Facebook comment.

I’ve participated in this for the last 3 years.

I have next to nothing to show for any of it.  Did my nuanced argument against Trump win any friends?  Help anyone do anything?  Change a single mind?  Probably not.

But it distracted me from what I should be doing: building businesses and helping others do the same.

Publish Every Day: A Challenge

It’s absolutely not enough to create every day.

You also have to publish and develop your platform.

I’ve fallen down from publishing.  I’ve made a lot of false starts.

I’ve gotten measurably worse at writing.

But, at the end of the day, nothing has made me more money connections, fun and everything good that this world offers than creating and distributing content.

The bottom line is that I have to get faster.

So I’m going to publish something every business day for the next 30 days.

Here are the key pieces that I’m going to put out.

  1. Getting started with Nutshell CRM (A video)
  2. Why every good thing starts as a toy for the rich (an essay).
  3. A Tale From My Childhood about Trump and Marriage
  4. Direct Mail Daily: A Show every day for Thanks.IO starting…Today.
  5. Manifesto for the new business I’m building.
  6. Distribution plan for different types of content.
  7. Minimum viable platform…

I have to get after this stuff because it’s really the fight of my life and it’s time to be back in the fight.

The rules:

  • I’ll publish every business day for 30 days
  • I’ll knock out at least the above work as personal projects.
  • I’ll publish summaries here as well as links.
  • I’ll have a distribution plan as well.

Away we go.


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