Notes On Hamilton

While Heather and I were driving around the PNW for a really great little 5-day vacation, we listened to Hamilton a few times.

I have been listening to the choruses for a long time, but I never had the chance to REALLY listen.

But man, oh man! This work was genius.

The density of the raps, the attention to detail (like the 9-year-old child was a really simple rapper.). The digs, jokes, and the fact that it was all polished.

There were callbacks and allusions to Grandmaster Flash, Eminem, Mob Depp and a lot more I’m sure I missed since I’m only a casual hip-hop fan.

I was left with a rare feeling that I was engaging a mind an order of magnitude more powerful than mine. Generally, Dunning-Krueger protects me from this, but not today.

Hats off to Lin Manuel Miranda. Belatedly.

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