Highlights of Heather Johnson’s Iron Man 140.6

Highlights of the IronMan:

1.  I’ve watched my beloved wife Heather work her ass off over 3+ years.  When she finished school in June of 2015, she couldn’t run a mile.  She was steady, consistent, and at the gym.

I saw that this wasn’t easy for her, she did this the hard way, a lttle at a time.  There were bad days.  She got mad sometimes.  She had days that she boiled over because she felt like she was not going forward.  But she never, ever, ever, ever gave up.  

2. Heather, again, took the time to put her eyelashes in before she goes.  She heard several compliments on this as she was finishing this thing. 

3. An individual held up a sign that said “Epstein didn’t kill himself” after he crossed the finish line.  Was the first time I laughed at that joke in a few weeks.

4. The sport was fun to spectate. To watch men and women of all body types do this was a blast and a half.

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Christopher Johnson

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