Family Is a Place Without Gossip

Support is the backbone of any family. A place where you’ll get a chance, and where you’re going to get support without judgement. What does that mean?
People will, from time to time, fall short of their own standards. People will fall short of family standards. People will, from time to time make huge mistakes. People will also misjudge mistakes. People will overreact to routine situations because in a family we are emotionally invested.

But for those that love you to gossip about you? For those that love you to spread tales of your mistakes?

That can’t be allowed!

Gossip is destructive. It creates a cycle of true ugliness. Judgement is also destructive, especially when it’s just an impotent complaint (brother is bad, dad is bad.)
Family must be a place where rumors & judgement aren’t abided. Where there’s nothing to be gained by speaking ill of another member (immediate or extended). Where that sort of talk is unwelcome.

Support isn’t always acceptance.

There will be times when valued people are periodically operating outside of the family’s standards of behavior (ethics, morals). Support means that there’s always a way home, a way to embrace the benefits of a family. The way is well lit and they know that they’ll be welcomed back with open arms at the right time.

Being part of a family means that your mistakes won’t be gossiped about. That you’ll have people to help overcome challenges. That you won’t be treated as a pariah because…
….you’re in for life. For life, you can’t afford to damage family members. You can’t afford to weaken them with rumors and ugliness.

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