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Simplifilm:  This is my main revenue generating project.  We made some Q4, 2015 errors that we are paying mightily for right now.  Our current sprint lasts between now and April 30th.  The goal is to have clean books and financial integrity everywhere.

The Line Which Is Dotted:  This is my “Pixar.” It’s a to-be-launched project that will teach what I know.  Simplifilm has had a lot of success and we we’ve had over 400 clients.  I can teach the methods to get and keep clients.  This will have a podcast, Facebook Group.  I’ll be building it as a personal platform to teach sales and selling to anyone that needs to know.

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Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson is writing this blog. He's a startup veteran, having built a company called Simplifilm. This blog is about things that he's starting to - but may not actually - think yet. It publishes irregularly.

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